Video: Analogue Solutions Vostok by Arthur Joly

Listen to this modular jam! “That’s so heavy it should be ilegal!”

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April 4, 2013 on 1:32 pm

Holy Smokes! Dave Smith Prophet 12 (Video) Sounds insane.

Possibly the best analog synth ever made?

More Info Here:

Update: I’m not sure if I can recommend this one anymore. The digital oscillators really do not have much of a unique sound. They are pretty glitchy. The filter sounds really nice though. I’m kind of on the fence. For how much money it costs, I would not get it.

January 24, 2013 on 11:00 am

Sub Phatty Animated Video

Original Music By Flying Lotus w/ the new Sub Phatty.

Another demo video is here.

January 21, 2013 on 10:58 am

Bird Singing Dubstep – Video

“Just for all concerned we have never played dubstep to him i just beat boxed around the house and he picked it up. There was no initial intention of teaching him this.”

January 15, 2013 on 2:00 pm

Analog Four Video – Improvising Sounds

The analog four definitely sounds excellent!


November 19, 2012 on 3:27 pm

80s Rock School Tutorial For Keyboards & My Pitchbendi...

My tip: Don’t grab the pitch bender. If you are using a spring loaded pitch bender that works horizontally (Roland/Korg), grab the entire outer edge of the keyboard and nudge the stick with the side of your thumb/hand. Don’t be afraid to shake the entire keyboard a little. You may be tempted to use your thumb and index finger, but this slows down the action. I don’t believe it was meant to be used this way. Let the spring work its way back. To bend downward, just put your thumb on the other side and do the same. Don’t do it like Jordan Rudess does, he uses two fingers and it takes too much energy. My way will sound a lot wilder and will still default to the base note with my method.

September 6, 2012 on 8:05 pm

Mopho x4: Analog Polysynth

Dave Smith Instruments Link 

August 2, 2012 on 10:55 am

Manu LJ – “Italia” Music Video

Available on iTunes:

June 25, 2012 on 1:36 pm

"Going Modular Test 11" Video Played By Csmcrckrs...

Doepfer MAQ 16/3: Bass Sequence and Lead Sequence.
Theis Modular System: Bass Sequence.
Eurorack Modular: Lead Sequence.
Juno 106: Pads & FX Sounds.
Jupiter 4: Bass.
Oberheim DMX (samples): Drums.
Alesis Midiverb, Boss SE-70, TC Electronic M300: Delay & Reverb.
Edited in Ableton Live.

January 31, 2012 on 8:33 pm

Repeatle plays minimal techno on Four TB-303s

January 30, 2012 on 3:29 pm

ESCHATOS 【SILVER LINING] Roland XV-5080 arrangement ESCHA...

January 28, 2012 on 9:39 pm

Video of the XW-P1

Casio XW-P1 seems like a good instrument. I like the step sequencer & drums. Filters sound good as well.

January 20, 2012 on 1:12 pm

Arturia MiniBrute Video Tour w/ Analog Sound

January 19, 2012 on 12:56 pm

Video: Future Retro Acid Jam

November 12, 2011 on 3:56 pm

Italo "Little Mix" by SmithDemetrius

November 4, 2011 on 4:52 pm

EMU XL7 Video: Balma A Promise

October 10, 2011 on 11:10 pm

Music Video: Chelsea – And I Love Her

September 3, 2011 on 11:38 am

Going Modular – Test 6

“My girlfriend taking over the Modular while I’m at the gym.”
by csmcrckrs.

August 1, 2011 on 9:15 am

Gameboy, Little Phatty, & MPC 1000

May 24, 2011 on 2:44 pm


Oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh-oh!

May 3, 2011 on 6:32 am

Roland Jupiter-80 Second Thoughts On Lack of Sampling


After listening to the Jupiter-80 again I have to say I’m very impressed. One issue keeping people from liking it is the lack of sampling. I think Roland’s reasoning is that the Supernatural sounds take place of any multisampling or single shots of everyday instruments. They went to a lot of trouble to program these sounds in a way that is not static like a sample, but flowing and dynamic. Also, If you are making your own sounds from complete scratch with all layers this machine is capable of, its going to be ridiculous to get into single shot or multi samples. I’m sure the idea is to build off what they have already provided for you. Compared to something like the V-synth GT or V-synth factory presets I think they’ve got better presets on the Jupiter-80. After listening to more demos, I think they have given you more than enough to start tweaking useful sounds.

One other thing to note was the possibility of layering an arpeggiator with other sounds. You can play a pad with a chord and automatically have a different arpeggiator cycling in the “background”. I’m not sure what other roland equipment does this, but its very powerful. It sounds like you are playing an entire song with a few keys. The amount of layering on the Jupiter-80 can save a lot of time and sound very good.

The other problem Roland has on their hands is all the comments from analog purists. Jupiter-80 obviously is digital and getting a lot hate because it isn’t like the Jupiter-8. It is still meant to be their top of the line keyboard. This is probably the most advanced keyboard they’ve ever made, lacking sequencer. From one perspective, the Jupiter-80 can sound much better than what the Jupiter-8 does. If you want your music to stay in the past, get something thats been available for 30 years. If you want to go to the future get the Jupiter-80.

Things I like on Jupiter-80:

- Layered Sounds + Arpeggiator.

- Super Natural Sounds & rom take place of sampling (save time)

- Color Scheme

- Sheer Power

More Jupiter-80

Jupiter-80 in french (skip to the end-ish)

April 13, 2011 on 5:19 pm

Kronos Official Video

January 13, 2011 on 1:35 pm

Tempest Drum Machine Rocks.

New from Roger Linn and DSI

January 13, 2011 on 1:28 pm

Kronos Teaser

January 7, 2011 on 8:07 pm

Cheesy Terminator Theme Recreation by S4K Team

Using SH-201 and iPhone.

Love it!

January 1, 2011 on 4:18 pm

Dance Video

Found on

December 20, 2010 on 9:20 am

Moog Prodigy Groove

November 22, 2010 on 10:11 pm

Worlds Biggest Drum Machine

September 27, 2010 on 10:42 pm

Yamaha Motif "XF"


The New Yamaha Motif XF! Coming Oct. 2010!

Inspiration Comes In A Flash
A high-quality collection of Voices, including powerful piano Voices provided from an enormous 741MB of waveforms
Up to 2GB of additional content available through flash memory expansion modules
Sound engine that increases the expressiveness of instrument sounds
VCM effects that reproduce the unique, natural, warm sounds of vintage instruments

August 3, 2010 on 2:27 pm

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